About Us

Fifteen years ago a group of like-minded women who met as a book club, decided to launch a festival, around International Women’s Day, that would celebrate the achievement of women.

Over the years the festival has welcomed artists, writers, musicians, comediennes,  and eminent women such as Baroness Finlay, Rabbi Julia Neuberger, Dame Margaret Anstey, Glynnis Kinnock and Ann Clywd  to name but a few.

We endeavor to provide events and activities that appeal to the whole family; men, women and children.

Each year we support a women’s charity; we have equipped a family room in the maternity unit at Neville Hall Hospital, helped  mothers and babies in Africa and made donations to local women’s refuges and Home Start, Monmouth. In 2016 we supported The Attik youth centre in Monmouth and were delighted to assist them in raising funds to help repair their less abled access lift.

In 2016 we also ran a successful collection for Smalls for All. Smalls for All is a “pantastic” charity that collects and distributes underwear to women and girls in Africa. Underwear is a luxury for many and wearing it gives women status and protection from abuse. See below for more information.

The Festival values the support of many of our local organisations and businesses, including the Newgrove Trust and Monmouth Town Council.

The festival is run by a very small band of volunteers and if you feel you could offer something, please do contact us, we would  love to welcome you aboard.



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