Murder, Riot and Wales’s Best Kept Historical Secret

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Venue: Monmouth Priory | Time: 2pm | £: £6
How do you commit a murder and get away with it? 1. Kill somebody whom everybody assumes has run away. 2. Bury her body where nobody will find it. 3. Have your murderous actions misinterpreted by their one witness as the will of the Rebecca, the shadowy presence behind the most significant and concerted acts of rebellion in Wales since Owain Glyndwr. Significant but clandestine. And surprisingly little talked about by the descendants of those who took part… why? Alis Hawkins talks about her historical crime novel None So Blind and the fascinating series of real-life events that prompted her to set her new series in Victorian West Wales. Find out more about Alis  

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Coffee Morning

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Venue: St Mary’s Priory, Monmouth | Time: 10am FREE ENTRY
Coffee Morning and Programme Launch Don’t forget to come along to our coffee morning at The Priory Monmouth this Saturday 20th January as we launch our Programme for Monmouth Women’s Festival #Pressforprogress #callingallmonmouthwomen #internationalwomensday2018 #coffee #cake #chat


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